In my last post, Spring 2014 | Check pattern & Cie., I wrote about patterns. Having distanced myself from it and made some research, I noticed that fashion seemed to be bored with “classical“ patterns. Perhaps Art fell in love with Fashion.

The three following trends could be the off(spring) of their meeting.

Celine – “Just power, power to women !“ New. New atmosphere. New fluidity. New Celine. Length rules its catwalk: long tops and long skirts. It could feel heavy ; it is not. Every look brings lightness, somehow. Welcome as well with its collection textile graffiti. Controlled ones, obviously, getting nearer an ethnic scent. Do not be scared, thinking The Celine’ classic touch disappeared. You guess it “beyond“, in the shape – coats speak for themselves. With regards to its range of jewelry, it gets bigger and brighter. Like it, don’t you ?

Haider Ackermann – #classicdraping Thrown here into a darker universe, do not doubt. It is still spring – no colorful flowers anywhere does not necessarily mean no spring at all – Miranda Presley would not deny it. Art appears in here through material. Everything is sober on one hand, but on the other one complex. Metallic, transparent, pleated and fluid. According to Diane Pernet (A Shaded View on Fashion), it was “kind of what we expect“ : a refined style. The show is shiny, that is a fact. But, isn’t it “uplifting“, as said Ed Burtell (Liberty of London) ? Among the three here selected brands, this one is certainly my favorite, just because its liberty in material means elegance, so that springtime looses its flowery romantic “cliché”. And oh, God, that’s good !

Isa Arfen – Eye on skirt SS14 at Isa Arfen is synonym with white light and bright shades. It has subtletly mastered paintbrush on skirts and crop tops, indeed. Art Pop plays with transparency as well as at Haider Ackermann, but not the same showing less and being wiser. The look glides along the silhouette because bright colors here are soft and material obedient. A Saharan foretaste… we melt !


Sources : Vogue British & Isa Arfen


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