Valentine’s day might obsess every mind, especially due to “50 Shades of Grey” coming out really soon. To be concise: Valentine’s day is not my cup of tea. Yes, I am single. No, it is not the point in this article. Digression done. As this is not a psychotherapeutic blog (surprise!), I might use this “wonderful“ date (which, we agree, definitely changes the world’s face every year) to select some of the TOP couple-based SS15 fashion and beauty ad campaigns. “Top” in my opinion, but always with well-considered reasons.


From the beauty department, La Mer “Illuminating Moments” campaign video starring Olivia Palermo and her handsome husband Johannes Huebl. Portraying a couple dating for already many years, recently married, but still sharing fresh love, the one of the early days, this campaign announces a spring 2015 rich in sparkling evenings and bright eyes-making moments together with your beloved.


Difficult to select ONLY ONE second row, so much so that I have to share with you “Beginnings” by Sandro Paris & “The Furla Feeling“ by La Furla SS15 campaigns. Belonging to different, even opposite moods, the first makes one want to go parisian and be surprised by destiny around the corner, in a cafe, while the other offers to leave for the South and flirt lightly under the sun (it could sound like “Summer Boy“ performed by Gaga).


THE KOOPLES. Not only a serial killer marketing master, but also an incredibly sexy/dandy/cool kid throughout its collections, the french brand knows exactly how to touch without making of the in-love state a stupid and naive cliché representation. As everything in the THE KOOPLES-sphere, its definition of love must be

rock’n’roll, wild, and marked by some french nonchalance plus a Mods twist. /C.

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