Coats, long coats.

Kaki, black or blue marine, there is enough choice, right ? The point is that men need long coats. Not that they really need it, but I would say that it looks more elegant. It’s up to you guys!

Something is sure, these three looks are “killer looks” because they are darkintense and geometric. Look at the first one : Belstaff knows what “details” means. This kaki coat is quite sophisticated and casual at the same time. We love it! All the finishes are important and give an “officer touch” to the whole. If you want to look elegant and cool as well, choose this direction. The black and – more or less – grunge boots play their role. No doubt about it!


Time for men in black at Costume National. Hmmm… Black is the new black, right ? Can men be sexier than in an all in black look ? I do not think so. My opinion. What is yours, girls ? Anyway. Costume National opted for a very long dark coat. You would think this is too long, but if you have the silhouette for those types of coats, just try it. You would not regret it. Looking a bit mysterious and dangerous… is that not what we call “attractive” ? And scarves, gentlemen, please protect your neck (also because you look even more great with it).














Last but not least, Diesel Black Gold mixes this amazing blue marine silky suit with a casual hooded coat (fur within). Nonchalant, but self-confident. It could seem paradoxical ; it is not. Just understand that we want you to surprise us. Dare the mix “elegance-casualness”!

Winter is coming. Coats are essential. Important : choose the right one for you. Small men with a large morphology avoid the extra length (you would look even smaller and larger). If you are small, but not that large, you can easily wear an ampler coat. Pay attention to the length : not too long, not too short, the middle of the thigh would be good (just a little little bit longer). Others have to accentuate their waist to lengthen their shape : prefer a jacket with a belt.

Always fundamental : coat’s sleeves. Perfect length would be exactly on the pisiform bone (not exactly the end of the wrist).



Source photography : Vogue British 

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