Mountain of Happiness, Garden of Love or Sea of Harmony? No choice needed with the new fragrance of Thomas Sabo “Eau de Karma”.

Its simple concept, Karma in a bottle, should slow down the hectic everyday life by allowing its wearer an inner contemplation.

Bringing body, spirit and soul together, its precious essences draw on the spiritual symbolism of traditional East Asian teachings. Hiding lotus flower scent in its heart, this fragrance soothes the aura, not without forgetting to let sensuality flow along the skin – Garden of Love. Amber, cedar and musk form its fond – Sea of Harmony – putting forward a positive energy and joie de vivre through the Mountain of Happiness and its fruity-floral head note, comprising freesia, apple and black current.


Following Thomas Sabo’s 2014 Karma Beads collection the launch of such a fragrance – on September 18th – not only seems logical but deepening that philosophy with a sensual dimension. The German jewellery brand, particularly willing to fulfil its clients’ expectation, treasured its sophisticated fluid with a similar design: an exquisite silver cap in the form of an Om bead and the stone of love – rose quartz – delicately rolling inside transferring positive energy always. Eye-catching!


Fair enough with the story around and about this surely refreshing and source of well-being ladies’ fragrance. How honorable from Thomas Sabo to offering a way of escape from reality. However,

regarding the strength and powerful character present in its previous silver jewellery collections, some rock’n’roll vibes could be missing, the girly rose everything being perhaps “too much”.

Wondering how the brand would define its male counterpart…maybe a darker fluid, plus a more thrilling spirit behind its story. By drawing a comparison between the universe revealed by the fragrance and the SS15 Karma Beads collection video campaign starring Georgia May Jagger, one could notice that absence of a playful woman, hungry for living life at its fullest. For pushing the boundaries of the self-knowledge counts as much as the peace of mind in the circle of life, doesn’t it?



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