Even one making bubbles? Presented by AEG this documentary film is nothing more than surprising and impressing.

I will not use the right words for sure, but I do want to engage a conversation from and about it. Never, even for a second, I would have thought that one day I would feel excited about sustainable fashion. And here came this video. To me. Today. It completely shifted my whole thinking about sustainability within the fashion industry. What Nancy Tilbury from STUDIO XO and BIOCOUTURE founder Suzanne Lee can already achieve with respectively merging fashion & design and brewing sustainable fabrics pushes the limits far beyond of what we all could had imagined! Take 46:56 minutes in your day to watch The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing and plunge deep into tomorrow clothes universe. Let me add that this does not only concern womenswear. Adidas has his own chapter in here, so do not hesitate, men, to click onto “play“.

Definitely impossible to me so far to think the science/fashion relation without a considerable step to make. On the contrary both seem to get tangled. As we look at it it seems “logical“ in fact: clothes are made of fabric and fabric of organic and/or chemical components. Therefore someone or something is necessarily putting them together. That is obviously science’s role. As it can easily be noticed, nowadays fashion goes fast, extremely fast, taking irreparably part in climate changes. So to say that there is no time to loose before facing with the environmental consequences due to the large amount of waste in the clothing production process.

But why would the fashion industry base its development essentially on speed and environmental factors? In business money is everything that matters, isn’t? I guess, as well as fashion goes faster technology is not about to stop its fast-increasing development either. Fashion has then no choice than to deal with it. How mad it can sounds Nancy Tilbury is persuaded that it will not last much longer from now on until we will need no clothes anymore.

“One day we will wear the surface of computer on our bodies“,

she explains announcing the imminent digitalization of clothing and integration of technology into it as well. Never before I have been feeling so confident of fashion’s importance within our society. Representative for most of the time of social codes clothing has always deserved, at least, a second degree interest. However this video clearly have brought the whole theme to a new point of view letting guess that Lady Gaga’s hybrid bubble-making dress is only a first taste of the soon to come fashion innovation’s tsunami.



Hello Cindy!

wouaw! cool job ce que tu fais ici!:)
J’ai beaucoup aimé la vidéo sur “the future of clothing”.
Je te souhaite beaucoup de succès pour la suite;)
à la proche,


:) Hey! Ça me fait super plaisir de te lire. Mille merci pour ton message et pour avoir jeté un oeil ! Je te souhaite à toi aussi beaucoup de succès ! Rêver éveillé, comme on dit ;)

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