For The Lujon Magazine: Designer Ben Mak Takes Out The Marchesa

She used to stroll down the streets of Venice, he, the pavements of Liverpool. The twilight got them reunited at a time that stopped, stuck in between the first half of the twentieth century Europe and today’s hyper real global era. Two creative spirits sharing the same run towards a

For The Lujon Magazine: Camps Won’t Save The World, They Make It Worth It

As a new commission for The Lujon Magazine, a reunion of grand camp figures to help preserving l’amour du Beau among the hopefully soon to be extinct human race. The probably is supposed to be keeping people alive. Cocktails too. Infuriated by a time where mankind has decided to replace God

For The Lujon Magazine: Leonardo’s Proposition – The finger of St. John the Baptist

Another piece exclusively written for The Lujon Magazine. Back to the Renaissance and its labyrinths of love and secrets. A sneaky invitation to the most famous bedrooms in history. Or when Mona Lisa never was Leonardo’s muse. /C.

For The Lujon Magazine: Brexit 2016 In Cartoon – Barbier’s After Party

Here my first ever commission as a freelance writer for The Lujon Magazine. As described by its Editor-in-chief, Matteo Sarti, “a biting re-interpretation of George Barbier’s glamorous illustrations: An elegant party nearing its inexorable end.

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