For The Lujon Magazine: Designer Ben Mak Takes Out The Marchesa

She used to stroll down the streets of Venice, he, the pavements of Liverpool. The twilight got them reunited at a time that stopped, stuck in between the first half of the twentieth century Europe and today’s hyper real global era. Two creative spirits sharing the same run towards a

A Collages Story – Julien David Ladies Summer 2017 Collection

My latest collages commission for 1Granary‘s piece about French designer Julien David and his Ladies Summer 2017 collection. A simplicity that loses no beauty, a game of lines that reveals hidden shapes. /C.    

Fashion Illustration At The Somerset House: Richard Haines’ Strokes Of Good-Looking Souls

Considered as the prison to the soul in Antiquity, referring to Plato’s theory, the body went more recently through the lenses of modernity and got separated from the mind, becoming a supernumerary entity to be used only as a presence’s artefact (Le Breton 1999). Real, from the gaze to the

The Cult of Skin: Caging the Sparkle

When a man lost the woman who used to own his heart, he shuts down the window onto his soul, truly convinced never to see the sun again. Forever embodying her touch and strength, her lips, her hair. Blows the wind of memories frozen among tears and flesh’s souvenirs. A

Passer-By And Saturn’s Children: The Permanent Eclipse

And all together they are selling their souls away, sighing for the great world. Seducing each other to follow the same path. Delicious dictatorship of a forever lost humanity. Golden days still remain, insatiably running, like poison in their veins. “Even death will fail to bring an end to their

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