She Twists, Pinches and Ties-Up: NY Designer Snow Xue Gao

Read how the Parsons graduate went from student to designer in a single night, my first commission for 1Granary – a very warm thank you for the trust and precious support. Interview with the adorable and incredibly talented Snow Xue Gao. Snow Xue Gao’s story, member of the hyper select class of

Condé Nast College Project: A Fictional Feature – Sinners Wear Couture

A fictional feature, one outcome among others of my ongoing fashion studies in creative London. A think piece about theatre in fashion and Couture’s meanings in present society.  

Condé Nast Project: Rebellious Renewal Of Romanticism

Saint Laurent SS16 collection gave a new twist to romanticism: women are moody, girls with attitude will blossom down the streets next spring, no matter if strange, tough or glamorously punk. Named ‘Romantic Rebellion’, this trend is all about “material composition and textural amplification“. Florals are around the corner but

Music Festivals & History: clothes had something to say

Did you know that the origin of the most famous present music festivals find their roots in the Pythian Games, in Ancient Greece? Variating from athletic to musical type, those competitions were held in honor of Apollo. The live music scene evolved since then, relative to it clothing did the same. Between

The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing | What about “growing a dress“?

Even one making bubbles? Presented by AEG this documentary film is nothing more than surprising and impressing.