At the very least bold to associate these three concepts, all the more as they are destined for your neck. It is not a secret anymore (for a long time already!) that audacity is the key to success, particularly in the present fashion industry. This is the magic trick, on silk and cashmere, that the British label Shinerock London has to offer, besides dinosaurs’ skeletons and sexy legs. 

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Presentation box

Still looking back at yesterday, while opening up new horizons, Shinerock London luxury scarves mean traditional and contemporary. Its founder and creative director Catherine Shinerock – by the way an ex-stylist for the late great Alexander McQueen (that alone!) – uses watercolor painting and digital vector line drawing as techniques.

The collection’s name “Evolution & Grace“ inspires strength and good manners, perhaps as much as the Shinerock London girl does. Scarves, neckerchiefs, pocket squares, for all tastes and moods being satisfied. Not only bold in its inspirations – from golden dinosaur’s skeleton Extinction to red and pink Kisses on a night blue silky background – the brand could make you blush with its Sexy Legs Gold and Blush scarves. Moreover, lovely rings can be add for styling any neckerchief.

In a society where pop icons – Cyrus, Knowles, Kardashian, to name but a few – are ready to do anything for attention, indirectly spreading the word “Dress your daughters like pole dancers“ (according to PORTER magazine), choose the nostalgia of a temporary trip, back in a time where all was about suggestion, reveal and seduction. 

Play then with Shinerock London timeless elegance, catching up to the times by hanging current concerns around your neck.

Enough to engage in a serious discussion…on a date.


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