Digital collage printed on white glossy cardboard





If physically distant, expect them to enter mind and spirit. At least a MANIPULATIVE attempt. Some treaties crystal clear, cleaning the individual abilities.

°°WHITEWASH the concrete surrounding your heart, they’d purge you out. So here you are, putting the mask on with that lace shinning, and that BLOOD dripping. Drops that adorn the porcelain shade of your claim, thorns that break into your place with SHAME.

//How splendid when they fail, CREEPING like worms in the apple of Snow White. Because THEY REALISED how trash materialises in the name of the everyday life. Up ’til the end they’ll shout… VISCERAL out, heart mined, mouths stitched in and out… Your portrait, that’s how they want you to TRAIN.
Practice, repeat, swallow the holy liquid,
destructive fluid.
Grateful you should be, additionally.
What an irony. /ℭ.

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Dimensions42 × 0.5 × 47 cm

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