Between salty and sweet it is sometimes difficult to choose. I’ve tried to do my best and shelled Fall/Winter 2014-15 Couture trends …in PARIS, “s’il-vous-plaît“.

“Plissé, drapé, …“, Alexis Mabille Couture always satisfies. I especially adore his Barock Rococo styled catwalk. Ponytail seems to be on top for Fall/Winter 2014-15, embellished by scrunchies, but please fur ones. By the way fur came back, be polite and say “hi“ ! Then a salty one for Mabille “parce qu’il pique là où il faut“. And we love it, don’t we ?

Violet and blue indigo rule the Atelier Versace catwalk. Fringes appeared from time to time whereas split (dresses) and fur flood everywhere. Versace women are dignified “Amazones“, laced up in silky and jewels corsets. Sequin is omnipresent. Obviously. I could not describe it as a surprise. Do you speak Versace, don’t you ? Furthermore, I am always HYPNOTIZED by Versace models’ walk. Empowering. They are, all told, empowering femininity. What else than salty could Donatella’s wardrobe be ? Sexy ?

Was there no sweetness at all on the Parisian catwalks ? I do not think so. Have you tried the Grand Palais ? Not yet ? You should then. Chanel Couture offers some. For free ? Do not dream too big, Darlings. Tweed always soft and chic, somptuous collars, finely embroidered coats and dresses, and last but not least, “joaillerie“ is everywhere but not cumbersome at all. I really appreciated as well the way Karl Lagerfeld “rocked“ the precious Chanel fabrics, especially the Tweed one. Make up was lovely romantic, very light ; at the same time hair revitalized Chanel faces ; a fresh wind of youth is blowing above Coco’s wardrobe. Does she approve its reconsideration ? Who knows… take the time to watch the whole show, music and decor are “chanelissime“. | C.

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Title: “Colors and Shapes”
Artists: Gavin Ellis – Julian Simon
Composers: Gary Legg – Chris Wilde
Performed by: Magic & Fur
Label: Gum Collections

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3 July 2014

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