Black Swan & Suit.

It looks like a mini dance tutu…without the ballet slippers. Lightness is still present as well as Grace. “Pointé, plié, pas de bourré… entrechats.” Ballerinas are so beautiful…or wonderful ? Both. My little sister is one of them. I like watching her (hidden behind the wall) when she practices (dances) in the sitting room. Anyway. Dance is the expression of the soul. A delicious gift from God.

Black & white ? No, it is even better. Navy blue & cream. The size is very highlighted by the volume of the corset. The amplitude of the trousers extends the silhouette and give the Garbo’s touch to the whole look.

No need of a jewelry’s adornment, dangling cream earrings and a nice big ring suffice. It is a sleek style, that means refinement. Don’t add any necklace, it would make the neckline heavier. The skin is already a jewel in itself. Appreciate…


Source photography : The Best Fashion Blog

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