Back to business!

Far, far away the beach, the sun, cocktails & beautiful strangers? Like a summertime sadness in the air? Don’t feel depressed like that, girls. Summer is maybe gone, but winter has not arrived… not yet. There is before it this short and sweet time where Burberry’s trench coats, leather jackets and company are your best friends. Aren’t they? We are all delighted about it : let’s put on our favorite leather jacket in the morning, take it off for the lunch and appreciate it again in the evening, a pretty thin scarf twisted around our neck.  I know, I know, the weather is not that nice during this time of the year, because changing, even capricious.

Anyway. Nude is the 2013 Fall’s color. Some could think that it is not a color. Well… sometimes, you know, natural but sophisticated simplicity should be preferred rather than color’s excess. Enjoy then the last warm hours, remaining of summer 2013, in wearing some natural materialsWe want softness. You also have to know that WHITE will be one of the surprises of this winter. Why should we have to reserve it for the summer, indeed? We are in 2013, please!

I did not have so much time during the summer to write on my blog (because of my studies), that’s why I wanted you to know: ” Now, I’m back! “. Would you mind if I told you “Haute Couture”? See you very soon everyone…


Source photography : It’s milk and honey 

10 September 2013

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