50’s so pretty, so sweet!!

It is time to look pretty, Girls. The temperature is raising, the sun shinning and the skin tanning. “See, sex & sun”. Isn’t it ?

Not exactly (or not for everyone). You can choose to stay a bit more classy and elegant than just becoming black and transpiring like a melted chocolate under the sun (or things like that). This means nice dresses and colorful peep toes. No need of a brown tan like if you are coming back from the Maldives ; a porcelain skin has its advantages too. A fruity cocktail in a hype lounge bar with some of your girls sounds as well as dancing on the beach until 5am.

That’s why this Temperley London dress says everything : pretty, pretty and pretty again. The size is marked with a thin belt, the hair are worked in a messy “banane” and the sunglasses matching the whole look. Red, blue and yellow meet in geometrical ways what gives movement to the dress.

The flashy touch of the peep toes is a good choice because the silhouette becomes sexier. It simply takes away the “wise girl” side and leaves place for the pin up we all have within us. (Choose flat shoes if you want to look like a Modern Times princess… your man will eat you for sure)

Walk fashion baby, walk!


Source photography : Fashionemia

16 June 2013

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