josie-natori_001SS 2013 RTW

Snow white & the Sun.

Summer is about to come ladies! Why not try the “all in white” look? No need of the color block’s style. Pretty transparency and nice prints, this is your turn! And because you are all in white, choose a fresh and natural make up : a blue line of eyeliner and that’s it!

Garbo’s pants and a high waist skirt : classical but very elegant and comfortable at the same time. The clothes are ample which is more Pleasant during the summer time. Because of this amplitude in the material (and the heat), prefer a plated bun that you can embellish with some little (or big for those who are not afraid of anything!) flowers.

It is all in simplicity. The only one eccentric touch in the looks is the big bronze bracelet for the first one and the green silky pumps for the second one. Stay natural to the bitter end and adopt a classy french manicure to conserve this angelic aura.

Dare the “all in white”! It will give you a healthy look and you will dazzle the street with your freshness.


Source photography : Vogue Italia 

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