Feline, that’s the perfect word. A kind of working girl and wild tigress the Emilio Pucci’s woman doesn’t know what “doubt” means. Looking far off she feels sensual, not provocative. She is only classy like a woman worthy of the name should be. 

The blazer, as everyone knows, is a basic and brings here power to the silhouette because of the very “square” shoulders. In fact the male touch that every woman needs. The neck tie shirt feminizes the whole look and the way-way-over-the-knee suede boots bring the final sexiness nuance.

Transparency under the back blazer but not entirely. Little strict motives suggest some skin’s parts like a secret about to be revealed…or not.

“I make clothes that women want to put on and men want to take off.”, explains the Italian designer. Feline…as I said right above.  


Source photography : My idea of life


24 March 2013

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