Rock’n’fresh. And shiny.

This is a luminous outfit, chic but comfortable. It is feminine and powerful. The jacket’s design is geometric, strong and leads the eyes all along the body. The jacket’s points cross each other at the top of the figure, near the face. It creates a nice effect because it draws the attention to the eyes: intensified make up at the eyes corners and a subtile blush touch on the cheeks.

Each detail counts : the pumps follow the style of the whole look. They are worked with different sorts of curves and openings. It shows geometric parts of skin what gives an impression of drawings on the feet.

The chosen color is very nice. It is not too flashy but quite elegant and soft. The brightness of the material is the most important point: it is refreshing, that means “perfect for Spring”.

Romantic? Yes, maybe. Look better…


Source photography : Vogue Italia

28 April 2013

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