Robe à la française‘, a well-established term of the fashion dictionary, as sure as door frames have now lost all of their past magnificent width. ‘En MODE SUISSE’ has potential for being next on the list.

Officially presenting its first edition in spring 2012, the Swiss platform has never stopped since then to play a pivotal role as bridge builder between fashion designers and schools, the textile industry, retail market, media and other fashion-related industry players. Last edition in mind, the 9th that happened in Zurich last February 8, 2016. Sleek and clean.

Sleek and clean.

Developing in a context of serious changes for the fashion industry – God knows if it augurs good or not – Yannick Aellen, founder of MODE SUISSE, anticipated it all before the fashion collapse even started. Boys and girls walking side by side, boycotting fast-fashion for quality – MODE SUISSE and its designers are as cool as the ’90s nostalgia reaching its peak at the moment.

Breaking it easy‘ as does designer Claudia Zuber – unveiling its collections’ concepts with thought-provoking quotes on her website – monochrome caught attention by enhancing subtlety and precision. Bold in its way, deconstructed lines are to be read, not looked at, and fabrics carefully matched.



BLANK ETIQUETTE website AW 16/17 Collection©huber egloff website a/w 2016 CollectionClaudia Zuber screenshot website

MODE SUISSE regular huber egloff, whose both designers Raul Egloff and Andreas Huber met at Akris, keeps its pole position as cool kid in the clique: encouraging comfortable clothes, the pre couture brand’s identity is strong, providing timelessness to contemporary fashion with unexpected contrasts in cut and fabrics. Parisian chic with a dash of punk tomboy Britishness, their a/w 2016 collection spreads out some glitter as well – they have that VETEMENTS aura, coming from the unknown and instantly arousing keen interest.

Worldwide reputed for its lace savoir-faire, the Swiss fashion sphere announces high expectations, in all modesty says the cliché. After Akris and Bally, Julien Zigerli – today one of the most regarded Swiss fashion designers internationally – crosses the ocean to launch a new collaboration with the multi-talented sustainable worried label enSoie, no later than this week, on Thursday, March 24, in L.A. Delusion? Or promise of Swiss fashion grandeur? /C.

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