I have to say it is not “that“ easy to write about fashion for men. I can not explain why but it feels like you, gentlemen, are as complicated-sophisticated-demanding as we are women.

Anyway. The thing is that MODE SUISSE does not give priority to womenswear at all. Sometimes I wonder what my style would had look like if I were a boy and how much I would be enjoying it. Believe me or not, I would find it “really cool“. That is why I am about to tell you WHY in support of the Swiss menswear fashion designers attending MODE SUISSE EDITION 6 next SEP 3-4 in Zurich.

Even if I would not find my place within Julian Zigerli (Zurich) universe, I admire his almost insolent fantasy spreading more than colorful shooting stars through the entire cosmos. But it looks like the twice-awarded Swiss fashion designer’s SS15 collection reveals a wiser side ; I am more than impatient to discover from closer the all-in-black, and black & white outfits which ones caught my eye in the linked video. After all, even as a man, I could not deny my traditional fondness for classic as predominant sign of style. I am though ready to be surprised.

Perhaps I would be more on Marc Stone (Zurich) side for its minimalist notes and classic lines. Everything is purer there, subtly close to nature. Last Spring Summer collection was about reality and illusion, as defined by the designer himself,


Shirt seems to be an essential element for the brand, probably the first bond to high-fashion which one the designer tends to fade with some moderate street influences. I really appreciate the sand color he chose for SS14 proving that men do not always have to show themselves as strong and powerful, by wearing almost always dark or black. Clothes full of softness do not necessarily mean “weakness“. Could it be “The New Chic“ ? Urban and romantic.

© 2014 Marc Stone Facebook

I would not be the kind of man rejecting every single dark creativity. Nothing could be further from my mind! If such was the case, I would miss Sandro Marzo (Basel) reinvented classical european world simple in appearance but, I guess, full of symbols. Or even DYL (Geneva) offering raw lines based on its “sartorial modularity“ concept as the springboard you need to “Define Your Life“, always in harmony with nature.

Sandro Marzo_SS15
© 2014 Sandro Marzo Instagram

Nature seems indeed to be the masculine – even if contradictory – theme of MODE SUISSE EDITION 6Adrian Reber‘s conception of masculine elegance through comfort remains to be discovered, as well as the male figure that those Swiss SS15 collections have in store, ONLY FOR YOU.

Impressions and feedback(s) of the show and showroom will be shared on “C.’s Fashion Diary“ by the end of the week. Stay tuned if you want to be part of it. Take care and remember to live fashion in order to express yourself. Xx


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