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“Almost reaching another planet. Plus another soul“

One could easily think that fashion has no place neither beside Jeff Koons’ Gazing Ball nor Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. It is an opinion after all. I am for the other side, and firmly believe that fashion should be considered as a kind of art – perhaps not as much artistic as the Mona Lisa. What is fashion then, if not exactly ART? Thinking piece ahead.  

LADY GAGA sang Looking good and feeling fine“ in Fashion!, and she was right. No doubt that without clothes, and all the clique with it, fashion would not be fashion anymore. Nothing is logical in life but here, please. “…feeling fine“ has then to be put forward.

To feel. Significations do not miss, right? The fact is that a feeling comes from the body, either from the mind or the flesh. Both imply a state of mind, though. Art does the same. So the Beautiful has only to be admired? Yes/No. And the Ugly rejected? No/Yes. It goes actually far beyond the surface. So does Fashion. 

Therefore, in my opinion:

Fashion is a subculture of the gigantesque ART universe.

Some might react with a demonstrative “WTF“ while others could immediately agree. The choice is yours – fortunately. I develop. If it happened that I felt the need to write this thinking piece, my Instagram account is the one to blame. As deeply interested in fashion, I still share artistic inspirations. What for? Sensitive to fashion AND art, my unique professional life goal is to become a fashion editor in order to share concepts and perceptions to those open-minded and willing to step into my world. To do so, I inevitably need to THINK. Both art and fashion, as mentioned earlier, engage that thinking process (by me at least). Here I am, answering the question I once raised.


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