I Am Their Blood, Bones & Flesh

On this Earth they delivered my soul

Among thieves and vultures they threw

The fragile book to my heart vowed.

It is a journey of trust and hopes.

Thrills of lilies still to grow,

Darkened completely almost.

Believe me, not there I would be

If the ether was not theirs uncompelled.

In my flaws, beauty they suppose.

In my clumsy hands and mind, realness they describe.

In my melancholy of the now, depth they agree.

“What if,“ they never let it

Entering my path, too destructive,

Anarchy to all the glory en devenir.

All doors they have opened with me,

Hecticness for now might be the trophy,

For a few years more only. Maybe.

On this ride as unique escape

They acknowledge any but,

The voodoo child I am,

Heavy of melodies to send

Away, trying to whisper,

Until the end unveils.

68 MEET 66 ©Cindy Fournier (2018)

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