Discover here my words for Swiss jewellery and fashion accessory designer VERONICA ANTONUCCI‘s new luxury collection ‘les psychodélices’+

©Veronica Antonucci ©Nils Sandmeier

Exclusivity means awareness, as Veronica Antonucci upcycles as she seduces, drawing a horizon as colourful as boundless, where one pair never meets another. The Swiss jewellery and accessory designer presents her new collection, The Psychodélices, inviting sustainable fashion and conscious living to groove together with chic and minimalism. Produced in Switzerland, her pieces adorn your ears with the sensitivity of our souls and strength of our minds: delicacy dresses in bold and geometric acetate shapes recycled from a collaboration with German eyewear label FUNKeyewear, and refined with both recycled silver and gold. Offering a new life to accessories becomes the new luxury in this dazzling wink to daydreaming minds eager for a consciousness-expanding lifestyle. Between presence and absence, The Psychodélices simultaneously reminisces about the everyday, yet distinctively unveils from the familiar you have been evolving in: difficult to resist its idiosyncratic charm.

Discover a world of surrealist thoughtfulness, as smooth as Veronica’s motherly Ionian Sea. The calm and privacy of Switzerland preserving her creative energy underneath a light-hearted coat of simple complexity, tempt and adorn yourself with her sensitivity to l’art du beau, as sharp as her worry for the environment she evolves in. Grounded and sincere, her vision entwines shades and textures à l’ère du temps.

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