Following British Vogue, Swiss jewellery and fashion accessory designer VERONICA ANTONUCCI now spreads her sustainable art in HARPER’S BAZAAR UK! This time we talked SHASHEE earrings. Find my words for her below, and on her page+

Sustainable fashion and conscious living reach new heights in glamour and elegance with Swiss jewellery and accessory designer Veronica Antonucci. In her new collaboration with German eyewear label Funkeywear, she spices up your jewellery box with the inimitable SHASHEE earrings.

Lightweight and meticulously laser-cut in acetate waste, their crystalline round structure boldly flirts with 60’s pop art inspired lines to become the style statement of this season. Exclusivity dresses in awareness, as upcycling with Veronica Antonucci seduces, drawing a fashion horizon as bright as infinite: one pair never meets another.

Discover a world of surrealist delicacy, as smooth as Veronica’s motherly Ionian Sea. The calm and privacy of Switzerland preserving her creative energy underneath a light-hearted coat of simple complexity, tempt and adorn yourself with her sensitivity to l’art du beau, as sharp as her worry for the environment she evolves in. Grounded and sincere, her vision entwines shades and textures à l’ère du

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