Enamoured of delicate geometries and the motherly Ionian Sea, Veronica Antonucci creates jewellery in a Switzerland gradually bursting with artistic innovation. Calm and privacy draw together her temperament, preserving her creative energy underneath a light-hearted coat of SIMPLE COMPLEXITY.

She /daydreams/ of embodying the new and the alternative to dogma, fluidity as MANTRA. As smooth as the water inspiring her creative process she recently redirected her life path towards the world of design, a transition that she is still running yet already deeply enjoys.

Driven by the surrealist art movement she takes the FREEDOM to unveil singular aesthetics from the common and the everyday into fashion accessories: lines join and separate to shape and enhance the underlying current of thoughts that matter has left to tell. Veronica’s sensitivity to l’art du beau springs from a sharp awareness of the environments that she evolves in, leading her to appropriate shades and textures in a grounded and sincere vision.

Photography by ©Nils Sandmeier

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