CONGRATS to MOURJJAN X VERONICA ANTONUCCI for their stunning Autumn/Winter 2020-21 collection showcased at MODE SUISSE Edition 17! Here’s my press release for the ‘Power of Shapes.’

A warm thank you to Veronica Antonucci for always trusting my work. Cheers hopefully to new adventures alongside Mourjjan – Thank you for having me+

Mourjjan by fashion designer Roland G. Rahal celebrates 2020 with the launch of his Autumn/Winter 2020-21 “Power of Shape” collection, a skilful collaboration with co-founder and textile print designer Michael Muntinga, and Swiss sustainable jewellery and fashion accessories designer Veronica Antonucci, founder of Vanto. When Mourjjan meets Vanto, SYNCHRONICITY REACHES PERFECTION AND LIGHT BECOMES EUPHEMISM.

“Power of Shape” invites you on a journey capturing the SEDUCTIVE ESSENCE of the sophisticated contemporary woman, personification of the AVANT-GARDE FIERCENESS. 

Unveiling from the vibrant marriage of BLACK and GOLD, Mourjjan’s new clean-cut silhouettes draw a mysterious elegance, unique in its sophistication and accessories. Reminiscing encounters of splendid symbiosis, jewellery and fashion accessories designer Veronica Antonucci shaped these feelings of memorable radiance in acrylic glass, leather and gold plated silver.

Similarly to soul soothing echoes that forever stick to the heart, the pieces she exclusively created for Mourjjan’s “Power of Shape” collection flirt with corsetry, adorning the body with eye-catching structures empowering today’s woman with a bright and bewitching attitude.  

Cindy Fournier for Mourjjan x Vanto AW20-21

Mourjjan’s designer Roland Rahal speaks here the language of shapes, exploring the essence of femininity, sliding somewhere between the strong and the soft, the fierce and the compassionate. A world of unexpected luxury, effortlessly dressing in printed fabrics with style and high quality. Valuing premium workmanship and environmental equilibrium, Mourjjan supports European craftsmanship as well as family businesses. “WE CALL IT FASHION WITH A SOUL,” Roland Rahal highlights. 


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