2 WEEKS exactly until @fournier_lara @lewisllewelyn and myself perform as @collateraldamagecompany 
‘Us, You, Me, Living?’ @theplacelondon

Next 16th January, 7.30pm, I’ll be your host over a dinner that surely announces the contemporary hecatomb of feelings. We’ll shamelessly unveil communication BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, where POETIC CATHARSIS frames the pedestrian, while dance flirts with the physically hyperbolic.+

“We didn’t talk about it; we only poured some wine. And then silences, just silence. I like silence, I do! But let me go, as it’s all just a blur. It feels like a big desert of flesh in the end. Mind or body, which one comes first? Or some interconnected non-sense. When you’re done, give me a shout. I’ll be gone. And sad. Because we disagree. […]”

Since September 2019, Collateral Damage paints through dance techniques and a selection of communication genres the multifaceted journey that represents human interactions. Its two founders and main performers Llewelyn Lewis and Lara Fournier explore together the universal misunderstanding of today’s absurd human synergy. Dancing the oddity for a realisation, the real connection.

Cindy Fournier will take you on a journey with Lara Fournier and Llewelyn Lewis, and invite you to take a seat at our table for DINNER… that surely announces the contemporary hecatomb of feelings.


Cindy Fournier


Lara Fournier


Cindy Fournier


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