Some have tried to crack its colour coding, while others to epilogue about what it means to be a hero. The rest of the audience might have been a public offended by the dangerous pro-tyrannical image that both director Zhang Yimou and cinematograph Christopher Doyle draw together in HERO (2002). This film traces third century B.C. ancient China under King Qin (Damoing Chen) before the country’s unification into an empire. Opening up with a soldier from Zhao called Nameless (Jet Li), the plot begins in an oxymoron as much as it then twists, following three additional and different flashback paths. One story spoken and coloured in contradictions relying on truth and lies.

HERO treats the eyes with words painted in colours. The use of speech remains subtle yet rare, as the film rather speaks a visual poetry. Because in episodes of déjà-vu the taste that remains is no other than a black and white tape whose lines we decide to shade bright.

“…While our combat unfolded in the depths of our minds.”

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25 May 2018

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