THE KOOPLES. Rad. Classe. Et j’en passe.

I mean, could it have something cooler than to get dressed matching your boy/girlfriend ? Is there again something cooler than to bring back the time of Rock & Roll in your wardrobe ?

And please tell me if you find couples looking more attractive than THE KOOPLES dressed ones. There is always “cooler than“ indeed. It was only to give you an idea of HOW MUCH I am intrigued by this brand.

There is like a mysterious aura around, above, under and in THE KOOPLES. Do not ask me why. I prefer to believe in mystery. You would not mind, would you ? Anyway, the fact is that “the couples“ marketing pushed the limits, and far beyond, of the cool attitude, yet “cool“ does not necessarily lack elegance. Proof needed ? Then have an intent look at its tailoring’s art – in fact the French creators Alexandre, Laurent & Raphaël Elicha collaborate with Norton & Sons, Savile Row bespoke tailors in London. Rien que ça.


What is lovely in the THE KOOPLES campaigns – because THERE IS nevertheless sweetness on top of that cool attitude – is the focus on stories, the couples’ stories. The UNAVOIDABLE interview’s question must be : “For how long have you been together ?“ Don’t you think so ? And yet it is impossible not to feel the alchemy between all of them, which is a good point because fashion has as duty – among others – that people are attracted to each other. Appearance can not be denied, as well as physical attraction, even though THE KOOPLES does not come down to that. It just goes to show I am right in asserting that the dandy spirit is all around. Would you honestly love “The Beautiful“ without asking you why It is so ?

Here the two videos I preferred the most, simply because both of those couples touched me a lot. Which ones did the same to you ? Comment to share ! xx /C.


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17 July 2014

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