Diamonds are girl’s best friends.

That’s elegance, girls! The “femme fatale” by excellence. Sexy but classy. Jealous? You are right.

There is power in the pen’s stroke ; S-H-E is powerful. A long black fitting dress & a shiny diamonds necklace : worthy of a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The black dress, little or not, is a sure value, a “must have”.  If it is not the case, find the one perfect for you! No regrets… I assure you. I said black but maybe Walter had another color in mind : red for passion?

No matter. It is exactly the role of a fashion croquis : to let you imagine the finished look on the catwalk. It is the begin of a wonderful look… there are maybe only ideas thrown on paper but this is called creativity and inventiveness. The form is ready, it is your turn to visualize the next step. Have fun…


Croquis author : Walter Sousa

Source photography : C.

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