Streets are slowly getting floodlit, shops windows sparkling and obviously/sadly, people stressed out hunting for the best present. So to speak, it almost feels like Christmas!

As it is slowly, but surely, coming, I wanted to share with you, Ladies, as well as with you, Gentlemen, a few presents’ ideas. Let us start with some jewellery and watches, if you are either looking for treating yourself – what must be done sometimes, you know – or your dear other half – who else? In order to disturb the gender conventions, please Gentlemen, after you.

ON TOP of the list: BOMBERG Watches,


The brand reinterpreted with the BOLT-68 collection the Swiss classical watchmaker codes. My beloved one? As usual – and believe me, I beg your pardon – it is part of the limited edition named “SKULL“. Christmas should mean “light“, “life“ and so on, we agree BUT, look deeper in the skull’s eyes. Got it?

For those who like breaking the rules: BOMBERG does not only and purely creates watches. It goes beyond in offering possibilities to men to explore a new horizon: the steel case [sapphire face with antireflection treatment] can be moved and fixed [as seen below] onto a trendy jewellery locket and chain with skull, for example. Isn’t that cool, bad kids?

©BOMBER Watches all rights reserved
©DR | CHF 3’350.-
©BOMBERG Watches all rights reserved

In case you might find BOMBERG Watches too arty, too kitschy, too much all told, then look at the new BOSS Watches Aeroliner Maxx collection.

Eternal symbol of both strength and elegance, the brand will particularly touch boys and men feeling nostalgic about the aviation era. Ones notices this historical and sportive inspiration, first through the face which refers to aircraft instruments. Furthermore, fibre carbon and Kevlar were chosen respectively for the case and the bracelet. The bracelet is otherwise available in leather for the ones loyal to classic style.

©BOSS Watches all rights reserved

©DR | CHF 465.-

©DR | CHF 465.-

These universes differ properly and clearly from each other in the men they each represent. BOMBERG defends “an uncommon style, muscular design, sleek industrial lines and a standout look with a fearless attitude“, whereas BOSS focuses on “a modern minimalism meeting casual details with a timeless appeal“. It all depends on YOU now. Which side are you on? If it happens that your answer is “none“ or “both“, then just get the hell out of here! Choice must be made. We are living in a man’s, man’s, man’s world, aren’t we?



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