Balenciaga x CSM: Reiterating The Legendary Cut In 2017

A look at the Central Saint Martins BA Fashion and Print students that showcased their Balenciaga project at the V&A; a beautifully intriguing commission for 1Granary. There was something surreal about that Friday night at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London: Central Saint Martins was paying homage to the

The Antinomies of Fashion Shows: From the Original to the Copy

FROM THE ORIGINAL TO THE COPY, HOW TO TRANSLATE ITS TRANSIT FROM THE CATWALK TO THE STREET? Considered as the prison to the soul in Antiquity, referring to Plato’s theory, the body went more recently through the lenses of modernity and got separated from the mind, becoming a supernumerary entity to

Condé Nast College Project: A Fictional Feature – Sinners Wear Couture

A fictional feature, one outcome among others of my ongoing fashion studies in creative London. A think piece about theatre in fashion and Couture’s meanings in present society.  

MODE SUISSE Edition 9: Keeping It Cool – Catwalk Review

‘Robe à la française‘, a well-established term of the fashion dictionary, as sure as door frames have now lost all of their past magnificent width. ‘En MODE SUISSE’ has potential for being next on the list.     Officially presenting its first edition in spring 2012, the Swiss platform has never stopped since

Utopias & Potatoes At The Somerset House: Une Mode D’Ailleurs

There is a light to be found in Thomas Moore 500 years old envisioned Utopia. What regards fashion at least. Sad reality is that it is barely impossible for the following countries – Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia – to enter the international fashion scene. West Wing of Somerset

Liberty, ‘The Chosen Resort Of The Artistic Shopper’ – Exhibition Review

Until February 28th 2016 the London Fashion and Textile Museum is hosting over 150 garments, textiles and objects paying homage to the British established retailer and originator of key trends in fashion history for now 140 years: Liberty London. Meant to supply fashionable goods from the Far East, the originally