Dress your neck with kekkai androgynous scarves for summer 2015

  Please, warmly welcome the first collection of the British luxury scarves brand kekkai. Androgynous, bold, and seductive, high quality is surely valued by the two sisters Yvonne-Demitra and Emily, who founded this art project in 2014. Between silk and cashmere, to choose is definitely difficult, the patterns’ range being eclectic: Not only dressing

Valentine’s day is coming and “romantic” SS15 ad campaigns w/ it!

Valentine’s day might obsess every mind, especially due to “50 Shades of Grey” coming out really soon. To be concise: Valentine’s day is not my cup of tea. Yes, I am single. No, it is not the point in this article. Digression done. As this is not a psychotherapeutic blog (surprise!), I might use this “wonderful“ date (which,


2015 has begun…and I would be tempted to say: SO WHAT. Those days, and too often in my opinion, one can see in the entire media sphere the “New Year, New Me” nonsense.

In discussion w/ JULIAN ZIGERLI @Mode Suisse Edition 6 showroom, Zurich

Throwback to MODE SUISSE EDITION 6 preview showroom in Zurich last 3-4 September. The quick fashion talk I had with the Swiss menswear designer JULIAN ZIGERLI has been, without a doubt, the most surprising one of my day.

MODE SUISSE EDITION 6 ZURICH SEP 3-4, 2014 | Your turn, men. Preview II

I have to say it is not “that“ easy to write about fashion for men. I can not explain why but it feels like you, gentlemen, are as complicated-sophisticated-demanding as we are women.