MODE SUISSE Edition 9: Keeping It Cool – Catwalk Review

‘Robe à la française‘, a well-established term of the fashion dictionary, as sure as door frames have now lost all of their past magnificent width. ‘En MODE SUISSE’ has potential for being next on the list.     Officially presenting its first edition in spring 2012, the Swiss platform has never stopped since

A/W15 brings gentle boys X MODE SUISSE Edition 7

Next season, Swiss boys aim HIGH: the moon, the sun, the entire galaxy in sight. They are going to shine, not bright like a diamond please, even much better than that: reflection being their watchword, nonchalant attitude plus electrifying pieces suffice. Put your sunglasses on, girls! 

MODE SUISSE, Edition 7 / Swiss trends upward

MODE SUISSE is definitely full of surprises. Replacing intimacy, POWER seems to be the appropriate watchword for this edition. Plunge into it via the following selection of looks, in order to clearly imagine what it was all about.

In discussion w/ JULIAN ZIGERLI @Mode Suisse Edition 6 showroom, Zurich

Throwback to MODE SUISSE EDITION 6 preview showroom in Zurich last 3-4 September. The quick fashion talk I had with the Swiss menswear designer JULIAN ZIGERLI has been, without a doubt, the most surprising one of my day.

MODE SUISSE EDITION 6 ZURICH SEP 3-4, 2014 | Your turn, men. Preview II

I have to say it is not “that“ easy to write about fashion for men. I can not explain why but it feels like you, gentlemen, are as complicated-sophisticated-demanding as we are women.