Condé Nast College Project: A Fictional Feature – Sinners Wear Couture

A fictional feature, one outcome among others of my ongoing fashion studies in creative London. A think piece about theatre in fashion and Couture’s meanings in present society.  

Zalando Revisits Brides’ History: No fairytales, Royal Wedding Dresses only

Latest “Just married“? At Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvit’s wedding, obviously. An opportunity to jump at in order to look back at the royal brides dresses’ history. Curiosity always wins.

COUTURE Spring/Summer 2015: flowers overwhelmed

I do not understand what exactly happened at last Paris Couture week. As you might be aware of it, the collection was designed for Spring Summer 2015. And guess what, there were flowers EVERYWHERE.

Paris Fall/Winter 2014-15 Couture| Salty sweet

Between salty and sweet it is sometimes difficult to choose. I’ve tried to do my best and shelled Fall/Winter 2014-15 Couture trends …in PARIS, “s’il-vous-plaît“.

Couture Autumn/Winter 2013-14 : Alexandre Vauthier & Bouchra Jarrar.

Choose your side : black or white? La Haute Couture. A fairy tale in our grey and gloomy everyday. Need of evasion? Dive into this world of creativity, elegance, sobriety & liberty. Be who you want to be, wear what you want to wear, and the others… it doesn’t matter. Alexandre Vauthier and Bouchra Jarrar created for you the strength