C.’s Clients & Comissions

| Contentoo – Represented Freelance Writer (October 2017-Present) Ermite – Press Communications (August 2017-Present) Bolero Magazin – Digital Collage (June 2017) 1Granary – Freelance Editor & Digital Collages (February 2017-Present) Talia Loubaton, MA Fashion, Central Saint Martins – MA Knitwear Graduate Collection Communication Project (January 2017-May 2017) YVY – Digital Collage (December 2016) Therapy

C.’s Academic Works

Fashion comes down not only to clothes and makeup. If you look behind or/and beyond, you would be surprised. You do not have to believe me, obviously, but I have some pieces of evidence in here.

C.’s Background & Purpose

  Words especially addressed to those curious to learn about the hands and mind behind the initial “C.” and its motto: AS FAR AS THE EYE COULD SEE FASHION, ART AND SOCIETY ENTWINED.

C.’s World

Married to romanticism, I am detached from the notion of time. I like to say that I draw with words, convinced that language can illustrate too. Enamoured with the world of aesthetics, from fashion to the arts, my writing aims to offer a pause in the fast paced everyday life. To contemplate. Constantly looking