₣ØɌ ₮ĦɆ ɌØM₳₦₮Ɨ€$ ⱠɆ₣₮ ₳ⱠƗ⩔Ɇ,
the poem that screams it all. As loud as we are silently thinking. Essentially, a love letter to flesh, sex, and Rock’N’Roll.

Call it Romanticism actually.


Married to Romanticism, Cindy Fournier draws with words, convinced that language can illustrate too. Enamoured with the world of dark aesthetics, from fashion to the arts, her writing aims to offer a pause in the fast paced everyday life. To contemplate, and most probably disturb. Constantly triggering the visceral, she lets figures and shapes have a dialogue within present society.

Citizen in dust,
Lover at its doggiest,
She is but a passer-by that you are calling from the other side of the street.

collage courtesy of ©CINDY FOURNIER

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