The pen and ink behind the initial “C.” and its motto: CURATING THE ⩔Ɨ$€ɆɌ₳Ⱡ, THE A̶R̶C̶H̶A̶I̶C̶ DEGENERATION FOR AN EVENTUAL R̷E̷N̷E̷W̷A̷L̷.

Cindy Fournier is a Swiss Freelance Writer, Communication Consultant and Digital Collage Artist based in London since 2015.

Born in Switzerland, she studied Latin and Greek at high school, where she unveiled a real interest in philosophy and developed a strong critical thinking that has driven every of her written and visual works so far. She then completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Information and Communication Sciences and Anthropology (September 2015) at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

After her graduation, she left Switzerland to continue her studies at the London Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, preparing her entry in the creative industry. A year that she describes as “challenging, enriching and full of unbelievable opportunities!“ Awarded in June 2016 the Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma, she then build up precious and exciting professional collaborations as a freelancer, including her roles as Contributing Features Editor at The Lujon Magazine and Writer at Voix Meets Mode, an online and international printed fashion publication. In December 2017, she completed with distinction the MA degree in Fashion Communication: Fashion Critical Studies at Central Saint Martins (UAL).

For more details about her commissions and work experience, click here.

Getting lost within London’s cultural effervescence, entwining fashion and art aesthetics, norms and concepts with present society keeps her going. She is constantly engaging discussions by analysing and interpreting historical eras, movements and references, as lateral thinking is her beloved playground.

Next to her freelancing as well as her academic research, she is currently working on two books – a novel in French and a fashion publication entwining history and fiction in English. She is currently French Language Manager at COS and on a more editorial side, Contributing Art Writer at UNPOLISHED Magazine.

Extremely enthusiastic when it comes to share knowledge and vividly open to atypical collaborations, feel free to comment or get in touch at or DM just here!

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