BEYOND PROVOCATION for Lara Fournier’s BA Dissertation front cover page @Cindy Fournier (2019)


She wrapped him, shooting bullets already.

Deep enough for veins to freeze, her entity breathes, inhaling the sentimental flee.

Savage wings, knives more likely, his void entering the trance, on Saturn’s bench, they click.

Where matter appears and black holes limit.

Thirsty, boldly, security broke the key. Self, self-worth, autopilot mode. . .

Still the world spins wildly on. Ether beyond, the lethal goodbye.

Fake the corporeal.

Drag it down the basement, mud will draw the consent.

Assisted growth, disappearing foam, disappointing freaks.

Body fluid smashed the basin, burgundy dream to drip.

Reflective treason, mirroring, clinging for flesh to recall every grain. 

Betrayed. Just like a woman, it took the man to dismantle ligaments in floods. Still I am praying, still is time.

Ignorance in flesh.

Favour to yourself, you preaching the fail.

Feelings in a bottle. Psycho drone, as you do, if your throne. 

Genetically itching, I scratch it until it disappears.

Chromosomes apotheosis, you made one of a kind, I devoured it to clone. I despise it, so close.

Jimi, gin Hendricks, four lost causes: you, yourself and you, my stolen pride.

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