Next season, Swiss boys aim HIGH: the moon, the sun, the entire galaxy in sight. They are going to shine, not bright like a diamond please, even much better than that: reflection being their watchword, nonchalant attitude plus electrifying pieces suffice. Put your sunglasses on, girls! 

Caring about ecology, Adrian Reber worked with recycled fabrics onlyevolving throughout his A/W15  collection from raw materials (woolen, knit, fur) to futuristic metal pieces, still associated with some rests of the human’s past: fur tails as accessory for the most reckless or knit scarves for those willing to stay more conventional. Sandro Marzo and Julian Zigerli seem to have spread the word: the former playing with a sure value, silver space astronaut jumpsuit inspired, the latter daring brighter bronze shades, thermal blanket in mind perhaps. Freezing will not be allowed this winter with such boys: bringing us to the moon or, why not, reaching for the sun, their reflection(s) will keep us warm.

On the other hand, forget the very soft landing and fear the return of (pseudo) bad boys. Thank God, right? HEAD Genève mastered the point and revealed rounded lines, expressing strength and self-confidence nevertheless. Killer look models meet Miss Nonchalance, just because they know how much it makes them attractive as can be. Next season will not take off minimalism, neither colours nor shapes regarding.


Photos by © Simon Habegger

Have a look at MODE SUISSE Youtube channel for more looks.

Sandro Marzo /look 7
Adrian Reber /look 11
Julian Zigerli /look 2
HEAD /look 8
HEAD /look 10
HEAD /look 7


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