Let me introduce you Avinas Jewelry‘s world: Boho-Chic. Sensual. Free. Here the woman whom those beauties are made for.

Of course, if it happens sometimes that you become elegant in quest of individuality, you will be the exception! Ethnic amateurs, either Maya or Aztec, you may find a suitable match: radiant turquoises in sight. Ear studs, rings, bracelets and necklaces, everything is there! 925 Sterling Silver and 18-carat yellow gold, pink gold or rhodium plated or 18K gold : your choice, your own way to shine.

Even if it might be thin, strength comes out of this jewelry. It is finely worked indeed. So much so that it feels like a second skin. And there is nothing more trendy than that. Avinas Jewelry defines its sets of jewels as “the additional touch which will sublimate your outfit“. Is that not exactly what we are looking for ?

Avinas Jewelry-Infinity Loop Ring-Model
© AVINAS. All rights reserved.

Personnally it is. Below my favorite piece of the SS14 collection – two or three collections are created every year. The “Infinity Loop Ring“. I think I have a crush on it and I would l-o-v-e to see it in pink gold plated as well. I do not know why, but I do wear a lot of pink gold this season. There must be something with its sweetness. Nevertheless I would choose the rhodium plated version and take the matching bracelet with me right away. This is such a pure design that you now clearly understand why “to infinity & beyond“ is Avinas’ devise.

Avinas Jewelry-Infinity Loop Ring
© AVINAS. All rights reserved.
Avinas Jewelry-Infinity Loop Cuff with crystals-model
© AVINAS. All rights reserved.

May I dare the following comparison ? A piece of jewelry to a perfume – feel free to comment and let me know your opinion. I think a perfume has to help others guessing who you are – the first step towards it at least – because it belongs to your private sphere. The same is true of a piece of jewelry : put on your skin, it links your soul to the self you want to present publicly. An extension of yourself like a part of you you want to share. Choosing the right piece will not only dress your skin but also draw attention of the most curious, the ones who would like to know who you really are.

The fact is that Avinas Jewelry has a lot to share with you. Do not wait any longer to have a look at the collection and to finally find out the real YOU !


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24 May 2014

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