Fearless: Living The Schizophrenia 2016

Collage Courtesy of ©Cindy Fournier (C.)

So much tension. So much consciousness. No self-awareness though. How scary to stop and stare at the self, believed to be one, denied as the broken mirror of one’s soul. And we rush, loosing pieces after pieces. No time to

The Antinomies of Fashion Shows: From the Original to the Copy

Collage Courtesy of ©Cindy Fournier (C.)

FROM THE ORIGINAL TO THE COPY, HOW TO TRANSLATE ITS TRANSIT FROM THE CATWALK TO THE STREET? Considered as the prison to the soul in Antiquity, referring to Plato’s theory, the body went more recently through the lenses of modernity and

Camps won’t save the world, They make it worth it

Collage Courtesy of ©C. (Cindy Fournier)

As a new commission for The Lujon Magazine, a reunion of grand camp figures to help preserving l’amour du Beau among the hopefully soon to be extinct human race. The probably is supposed to be keeping people alive. Cocktails too. Infuriated

Fashion Week: Last Golden Leaves


There is like an autumn’s feeling about fashion weeks these days, magic flown away like leaves lying on the ground. Almost lost and forgotten deep within Instagram’s meanders and Snapchat’s short memory, collections run out the catwalks, faster than light

Leonardo’s Proposition: The finger of St. John the Baptist


Another piece exclusively written for The Lujon Magazine. Back to the Renaissance and its labyrinths of love and secrets. A sneaky invitation to the most famous bedrooms in history. Or when Mona Lisa never was Leonardo’s muse. /C.

Brexit in Cartoon: Barbier’s after party


Here my first ever commission as a freelance writer for The Lujon Magazine. As described by its Editor-in-chief, Matteo Sarti, “a biting re-interpretation of George Barbier’s glamorous illustrations: An elegant party nearing its inexorable end.